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NYC Premiere Classe provide a first class personal concierge service, offering unique and welcoming assistance and assuring clients of a truly memorable experience in New York City.

We partner with only the best service providers, and we can make a variety of arrangements, such as car transfers, night clubs and restaurants bookings, offer first-hand recommendations and often fulfill unusual requests.

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The concept of customer service is at the heart of what we have to offer.

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Starting out on the French Riviera, we are today involved in the NYC nightlife for over five years, our clientele has grown tremendously. From models to celebrities, to those who enjoy having a great time. We have decided not only to be a part of the NYC nightlife, but also being your passport to an unique experience. We provide exclusive and invitation-only access for those who want to experience all that New York City Nightlife has to offer. At NYC Premiere Classe, we take the time to create unique, luxury-inspired experiences to complement every member's lifestyle.

We aim to improve and make your night life experience easier and stress free. We offer discretion, efficiency and reliability. Our headquarters are located in New York City, but we are also operating in Cannes, Monaco, St Tropez and Paris. Thanks to our partners, our network allows us to offer you the same services into these well-known cities: London, Barcelona - Ibiza, Rome - Milan, Mykonos, Los Angeles - Las Vegas - Miami , Phuket, New Delhi, Dubai.

The concept of customer service is at the heart of what we have to offer.


New York City Nightlife & Fine dining Concierge


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